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The first grade class schedule may be viewed under schedule / tuition. 

First Grade is a year devoted to the Far Reach of God's Love. We study character traits and illustrate them with a Bible story and modern storybook each week. We spend the year celebrating God's love by serving others in creative ways that tie to the character traits. It is a reading-based program that uses Bible stories, as well as classic and contemporary literature to develop reading and writing skills. A Beka phonics curriculum will also be implemented into the 1st grade program.

The core of this science curriculum uses several books such as Foss Science curriculum and God's Big World magazine subscription. This science program focuses on God’s amazing world and is supplemented with many hands-on activities.

Legacy Community Academy uses Math in Focus partnered with Calvert lesson manuals for our math curriculum. Math in Focus teaches concept and skill development through hands-on instruction and practice. First graders focus on basic facts, place value, mental math and an introduction to geometry concepts.

Students participate in a focused phonics-based reading program.  Parents are  also encouraged to read aloud to the students 15 minutes each day. Favorite  books such as, The Story of Ferdinand, Frog and Toad are Friends, Curious George, The Tale of Three Trees and more will be incorporated into the heart of the theme for each week.  

LCA encourages children to have fun exploring the world of art through the use of their creativity, critical thinking and fine motor skills. Students explore different artists, mediums, and creative thinking that correlate with the humanities that  they are studying!