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The second grade class schedule may be viewed under schedule / tuition.

The second grade explores U.S. History and patriotic symbols from a Christian perspective.  The use of quality literature, student-made materials, stories, and songs facilitate in learning about our great nation.  A Beka phonics curriculum will also be implemented into the 2nd grade program.

The students begin learning about Jesus by reading the Bible for
themselves, using the NIrV Discoverer’s Bible for Young Readers and The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Hands-on activities and Bible memorization are also incorporated.

Exploring American history provides the framework for this year.  Multi-
sensory learning through the use of “living books”, hands-on activities,
games, and songs reinforce learning about the history and geography of our
country.  Students will gain knowledge about the patriotic symbols and the
50 states. 

In addition to participating in focused phonics-based reading program, students will read interesting literature to continue developing the
reading skills previously learned. Whenever possible, “living books” will
relate to the historical time period being studied.   

Spelling, handwriting, creative writing, and grammar are taught using a  variety of materials. A strong phonics curriculum will also be supplemented
to the 2nd grade program.  Copy work, dictation and memorization are
incorporated into the week.

Legacy Community Academy uses Math in Focus partnered with Calvert lesson manuals for our math curriculum. Math in Focus teaches concept and skill development through hands-on instruction and practice. Second graders focus on progressing to the next level on basic facts, place value, mental math and an introduction to geometry concepts.

The core of this science curriculum uses several books such as Foss Science curriculum and God's Big World magazine subscription. This science program focuses on God’s amazing world and is supplemented with many hands-on activities.

LCA encourages children to have fun exploring the world of art through the use of their creativity, critical thinking and fine motor skills. Students explore different artists, mediums, and creative thinking that correlate with the humanities that  they are studying! Students will develop a portfolio as they explore drawing, colored pencils, colored markers, and beginning painting.  Children will learn patriotic songs that correspond with their curriculum.