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The third grade class schedule may be viewed under schedule / tuition.  

Students in third grade will explore diverse countries and cultures through the study of world geography.  

 Students wil be joining in the school-wide spiritual theme and reading and memorizing from the book of Philippians.  Students will als be challenged by true stories of missionaries, using HeroTales and other  biographies from YWAM Publishing.  They discover interesting cultural aspects and  prayer needs of worldwide ethnic groups around the world.

Students read a variety of fiction and non-fiction “living books”, based on the country of study during the week.  Students use these texts to work on personal reading strategies, comprehension and reflection skills. 

Spelling, handwriting, creative writing, and grammar are taught using a variety of materials. Copy work, dictation and memorization are incorporated into the week.

An assortment of maps, globes, and reference books are used to geographically study diverse cultures and countires.  Games, songs, and hands-on activities are incorporated into the classroom to reinforce vocabulary, facts, and research skills.

Legacy Community Academy uses Math in Focus partnered with Calvert lesson manuals for our math curriculum. Math in Focus provides an articulated sequence of topics allowing third, fourth and fifth grade students to master foundational topics. Math in Focus has an emphasis on problem solving, skill consolidation, and a deep understanding in preparation for future math learning. Students progress through fraction, decimals, ratios, model drawing, expressions, equations and inequalities.

The core of this science curriculum uses Foss Science curriculum while enriching learning through the Living World Encyclopedia. This science program focuses on God’s amazing world and is supplemented with many hands-on activities.

LCA encourages children to have fun exploring the world of art through the use of their creativity and critical thinking. Students explore different artists, mediums, and creative thinking that correlate with the humanities that  they are studying!  The study of arts and crafts, as well as music, is based on the countries that we visit throughout the year.