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mercy meals


Our desire is to create a schedule that most benefits the recipient in coordination with the schedule of the volunteers.  Meals are provided every other night for two weeks.  Sometimes we will provide more, sometimes less, depending on the needs of the family. To sign up your family or someone in our LCA community for a MercyMeal, use the form to the right.

MercyMeals encourages and serves LCA families by providing meals during times of need; after the birth of a baby, during a time of sickness, or during other times of crisis.

The meal can be store bought, homemade, frozen or even a gift card to a local grocery store/ restaurant! The meal does not have to be fancy or gourmet. We attempt to accommodate allergies and food preferences.

  • Meal should be packaged in a disposable container
  • Include cooking instructions on the top
  • Please also include the date on which it was made
  • If the meal is allergy friendly, please include ingredient list and label clearly

See the example below:


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