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founding board


Founding Board's Historical Perspective - The Why Behind the What


In the fall of 2010, we sat on a deck talking about the future of our children, and pondered, “Education today…is it working?”   More importantly, we wondered,  “What is the aim of education and how would we even KNOW if it was working successfully?” Among our three families, we had tried every educational option out there: public, private, hybrid, and homeschool.  Good options and even great schools, but what was the target?  

That evening conversation caused us to dig in further to discover the true definition of education, to uncover the true meaning of success and then to seek and ask the Lord how those definitions weigh heavily into our roles and responsibilities as parents.  

In all the searching, we learned that Proverbs 22:6 instructs us to, “Train up our children each in the way he or she should go.

As parents, we realized that we had a few short years left to train our children and that we needed to begin with the end in mind. We couldn’t expect a vision for each of our children to come to pass while they spent most of their waking hours in a place that didn’t line up or even know that vision.  

Not possible.  

So we created an academy that would achieve the vision, mission, and objective that God had given us as parents. Leaving a Legacy began with the question, “What if?”

Our overall objective was not about simply teaching academics, but to use academics to train leaders, to train them up in the way they should GO. The point is for them to GO.  They needed to be prepared for the future; hardships, victories and especially eternity.

God was calling us to provide a place to train children in order to prepare them for life AND to encourage, equip and support parents in their God-given role; to train the trainer. Thus Legacy Community Academy was birthed in January of 2011, growing from its roots of Bristol Science Academy / Bristol Oaks.  

We intentionally chose the word, “academy”, after learning that it is defined as a step above a common school and a step below a university.  We knew from the start this was an attempt towards the uncommon! LCA was established to encourage, equip, empower and engage families as they sought to raise their children to become mission-minded student leaders who would shape culture. This vision would be accomplished through a model of education designed with Jesus at the center, ensuring every child was known while providing creative, innovating life-giving thinking in the classroom.   

Early on, we realized that in order to successfully develop godly leaders, we first needed to partner with the family.  We also understood that in order to successfully partner with the family, we would all need to agree on the true definition of, “success”.   

Unlike culture’s standard of success that is marked by comparison, performance, and competition, we learned that the word, “success”, comes from the root succession, which means to follow one who has died or to follow one who has gone before.

With this definition in hand, we decided to develop a learning community based on this simple saying:  Learning to lead by choosing to follow.  The meaning is two-fold:

  1. Following One Who Has Died:  We know this person to be Jesus Christ.  He died so that each and every person would have the opportunity to live fully as the unique individual He created him or her to be. We believe that if each of us follows Jesus into His design for our life, we will then be equipped to lead others and ourselves with humility and wisdom.  Jesus IS the succession plan. 
  2. Following One Who Has Gone Before. This phrase represents the demonstration of deliberate discipleship.  Jesus followed the lead of His Heavenly Father and submitted to the leadership of his earthly father. His disciples followed His lead before Jesus sent them out as leaders themselves.   They were His succession plan.  Following Jesus is our ultimate desire for students, however, Scripture also tells us to follow the authorities God has placed in our life. This would shift the focus from striving for a grade to choosing to follow the instructions of your teacher and choosing to worship God by giving your best effort trusting that intellect will follow and will, therefore, be reflected in outcomes. In the same way, choosing to follow parents would demonstrate respect for authority and equip the student with wisdom to follow. 

We chose to follow the lead of Jesus into the great unknown of launching a leadership academy.  We trusted Him and continue to trust Him to carry out His vision, mission, and objective. The Lord has been faithful to send amazing staff, faculty, families, and opportunities. We are honored to serve in the capacity of prayer while we watch with great expectancy, celebrating all that the Lord has done, is doing and will do to build His Church and Kingdom through this little place called Legacy.    

Welcome to an academy where students are educated, not schooled…you are invited to learn to lead by choosing to follow with us!