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Keep your tax dollars local!

Did you know that you can redirect your state tax dollars to create a student scholarship?

In 2008 the state of Georgia created the Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program which provides the incredible opportunity to redirect a portion of your state tax dollars towards a scholarship fund for the private school of your choice.   Please go to and begin your registration and redirection of your tax dollars today! 


The Tax Credit Program has allocated $58 million of GA state tax dollars to be redirected to Student Scholarship Organizations for the upcoming school year. 

Individuals, married couples, and businesses can claim 100% dollar-for-dollar tax credits (not a deduction) on their Georgia income tax for scholarship donations made through a qualified Student Scholarship Organization (SSO), up to the following limits:

 Single Individuals:              Up to $1,000 
Married Filing Separately:   Up to $1,250 
Married Filing Jointly:          Up to $2,500 
Members of Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs), share-holders 
                       in Subchapter Corporations (S Corps), and partners in           
                       Partnerships: Up to $10,000
Corporations: up to 75% of their Georgia income tax liability 


LCA has chosen to partner with GaSSO, Georgia Student Scholarship Organization.  Please go to and begin your registration and redirection of your tax dollars today! You may view the GaSSO FAQs page for more detailed information or you may contact The LCA Advancement Team via email at

Click Here to Watch a Step by Step Information GaSSO Video